• What Do We Offer?
    With a combined Muay Thai & Boxing program your kid(s) will be able to experience both disciplines so they can see what they like best. Our youth program is designed from a well-organized curriculum so they can measure their progress. Boxing and Muay Thai are not originally based on a traditionally Martial Arts ranking systems where belts are given to indicate moving to the next level of expertise. Prestige in Boxing or Muay Thai come from how your success is in the ring, fighting. We have realized that many kids are not looking to only compete but there is a huge population of kids who are not interested in team sports. These kids are out there who need to fight obesity, need emotional discipline, and those who want self-defense, just to name a few.
    Your child will learn real self-defense, build the strength to execute the techniques efficient, and walk with confidence feeling like they are better equipped to protect themselves. Our Youth Boxing & Muay Thai combined with the Fitness program will put your kid in the direction of learning how to work out, why working out is important, what they will gain from being consistent.
  • Why Our Kids Program
    We are experts in Child Martial Arts and have structured our programs to not only gain physical improvement but also character development. At different ages, children have different stages of both physical and mental needs in their development.
    At Brigada Elite, we are more than just a Boxing & Muay Thai Gym we are a family gym. Our student to Instructor ratio allows room for your child to get more attention and improve quickly. Your child will be challenged but will have loads of fun as they gain strength, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, develop social skills, confidence, self-esteem while training in Boxing and Muay Thai.
  • What To Expect
    We have shared with you some of the benefits that our program offers. The unique thing about our youth programs are the curriculum and focus we have created. It allows your child to progress at their own pace. We want you child to learn to earn and not pay to pass like some programs out there. Programs that function like that set your child up for failure and you must beware of such programs. When your child falls short of a goal, we are responsible to teach them how to deal with it, then fix it. Boxing and Muay Thai are martial arts that are challenging, requires focus, and a lot of room for your child to grow into.

Our Classes


Class Description:
People are led to believe that Boxing only offers one type of skill and that is to fight. Our program is designed to equip your child with skills to help in School, Home, and Life. We do not believe in teaching Boxing for the sole purpose of competition. Our purpose is to help your child in their character development, in their physical development, and their mind. You will see your child become stronger, more energized, and ultimately with more confidence. The strong that we are talking about is far beyond physical strength. It is a kind of strong needed to resist peer pressure and other negative aspects of life as they age. The discipline your child will display will emerge to positively affect all aspects of his or her life. They will respect others, be respected, and most important to respect themselves.
Equipment Needed: Gloves, Handwrap, Towel
Wednesday 08:00 PM - 09:30 PM
Friday 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Saturday 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Sunday Closed


Class Description:
Our Muay Thai Program is about youth enrichment. We work to build your child’s martial arts ability along with equipping them to deal with life.As your child gets older, their personality and social identity will take shape as well as their peers.You can’t be there 24 hours a day to monitor your kids’ activities. It’s very easy to be influenced down an unhealthy path.When you place your child in a program like Brigada Elites Youth Muay Thai, we help keep your child on the right track. What is unique about our instruction is we are sometimes able to reach a child better than their school teacher.Kids can easily be disconnected with teachers, school administration, or even you the parent.We can relate martial Arts training to life skills without having that authority view kids get when being told something. We are not only training your child to be a Champion at Muay Thai but also a champion at life.

Equipment Needed: Gloves, Handwrap, Shinguards, Headgear, Mouthguard, Towel


Class Description:
With so many fitness solutions available parents are doing their best to find the best solution for their kid.It is very easy, as a parent, to become frustrated over the amount of searching and filtering you may have to do – And can quickly discourage you from good decision making. If you are reading this, you’re trying to find something that is right for them. Instead of suggesting that we are the best gym around, we want your child to get the best training with the best results. Brigada Elite’s youth program is a good balance between martial arts and fitness. In our U-Fit class your child will perform sport specific strength building, coordination improvement, gain balance, elevate endurance, and flexibility. Our U-Fit classes are in 30-minute increments that’s perfect to keep your kid challenged but not be susceptible to over-training.These types of problems will not happen with us because results are just as important as rest.

Equipment Needed: Gloves, Handwrap, Shinguards, Headgear, Mouthguard, Towel