Look No Further!! If you are interested in learning the Art of Boxing, want to transform your body or get into the best shape of your life, you have found a great opportunity.  Our Boxing program was created for the beginner, those who have laced up the gloves in competition, and everyone in between. Here at Brigada Elite, we believe in working hard to help our members achieve and exceed their Boxing training goals.

Why You Choose Our Program?

We are experts in Child Martial Arts and have structured our programs to not only gain physical improvement but also character development. At different ages, children have different stages of both physical and mental needs in their development. At Brigada Elite, we are more than just a Boxing & Muay Thai Gym we are a family gym. Our student to Instructor ratio allows room for your child to get more attention and improve quickly. Your child will be challenged but will have loads of fun as they gain strength, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, develop social skills, confidence, self-esteem while training in Boxing and Muay Thai.

Could This Be For My Child?

We have realized that many kids are not looking to only compete but there is a huge population of kids who are not interested in team sports. These kids are out there who need to fight obesity, need emotional discipline, and those who want self-defense, just to name a few. Your child will learn real self-defense, build the strength to execute the techniques efficient, and walk with confidence feeling like they are better equipped to protect themselves. Our Youth Boxing & Muay Thai combined with the Fitness program will put your kid in the direction of learning how to work out, why working out is important, what they will gain from being consistent.

What To Expect?

We have shared some of the benefits that our program offers with you and the unique thing about our youth programs is the focused creative curriculum. It allows your child to progress at their own pace. We want you child to learn to earn and not pay to pass like some programs out there. Programs that function like that set your child up for failure and you must beware of such programs. When your child falls short of a goal, we are responsible to teach them how to deal with it, then fix it. Boxing and Muay Thai are martial arts that are challenging, requires focus, and a lot of room for your child to grow into.

What We Offer?


Youth Boxing & Muay Thai

While you are building the technique, power, and stamina in the Boxing conditioning class the Boxing Skills class takes you to another level of training. This is where you truly start seeing your bag training on the move. This class is demanding on your footwork since you will not be doing much stationary or side to side only training like you would on a heavy bag. You will be working 360 degrees while executing your Boxing techniques on Focus Mitts with a partner. You will learn how to use the Boxing ring on the ropes, in the middle, and on the move. This is as close to real as some people may want to get but you’ll be stacked with the ability and ring awareness just as a competitor.

Equipment Needed: Gloves, Handwrap, Towel

Applied Youth Boxing & Muay Thai

This class is all about putting the skills you have worked on into action. This class is for any of our members, regardless of skill level. What matters most is what type of outcome you are looking to accomplish. This class can be very demanding, as well as fast paced, on your skill and cardio. You will be training along our members who are beginning, experienced, and in the competition program.
This class consist of intense shadow Boxing, heavy bag training, Focus Mitts, tactics, technique, strategy in hands on drills, and sparring to put it all together.

Equipment Needed: Training Gloves, Sparing Gloves, Handwrap, Head Gear, Boxing Cup, Mouthpiece

Competition Youth Boxing & Muay Thai

Our youth competition team is for the dedicated and experienced students. Muay Thai and boxing are very hard sports with potential of injury. With proper training and conditioning your child will learn the value of earning through hard work. not all of our students compete but for those who choose to compete learn a tremendous amount of lessons that wll carry them through the good and tough times in their lives. 

Equipment Needed: Training Gloves, Sparing Gloves, Handwrap, Head Gear, Boxing Cup, Mouthpiece

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