Youth Boxing & Muay Thai Training in Temecula

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This Boxing & Muay Thai Training System is Built Just For You

Brigada Training Systems offers a result-driven youth training program that provides practical skill and life’s lessons – whether you want them to train for fitness, start a new hobby, learn self-defense our youth program was created with all levels in mind.

Should You Choose Our Program?

Our youth Boxing & Muay Thai program will improve many aspects of your child’s life. This program is curriculum based to keep your child focused on his/hers goals. Our program is more than just having something to do or learning self-defense. We are also teaching them the tools to combat against peer pressure and from harmful negative mindsets.

This program is a must see for your child. It will be the best thing you could do. Our program will allow your child to progress at his/her own pace.  We know that every child has their own learning style. It doesn’t matter if your kid can train part time or everyday, we have the program that will fit their needs.

Could This Be For My Child?

The hardest thing for many beginners to do is walk through the front door.

We have realized that many kids are not looking to only compete but there is a huge population of kids who are not interested in team sports. These kids are out there who need to fight obesity, need emotional discipline, and those who want self-defense, just to name a few. Your child will learn real self-defense, build the strength to execute the techniques efficient, and walk with confidence feeling like they are better equipped to protect themselves. 

Our Youth Boxing & Muay Thai combined with the Fitness program will put your kid in the direction of learning how to work out, why working out is important, what they will gain from being consistent.

What Should You Expect?

We have shared some of the benefits that our program offers with you and the unique thing about our youth programs is the focused creative curriculum. It allows your child to progress at their own pace. We want you child to learn to earn and not pay to pass like some programs out there. Programs that function like that set your child up for failure and you must beware of such programs. When your child falls short of a goal, we are responsible to teach them how to deal with it, then fix it. Boxing and Muay Thai are martial arts that are challenging, requires focus, and a lot of room for your child to grow into.

What We Offer

Youth Boxing & Muay Thai

Your child will be building technique, power, and stamina using the heavy bags and light mitts in  conditioning class. This class will prepare your child for real-time application where they get to truly learn and develop their ability.  The Light Mitts (Thai Pads & Focus Mitts) are demanding on your footwork as you will forced out of  stationary  or side to side only movement (novice) like you would on a heavy bag. They will be working 360 degrees while executing their  Boxing & Muay Thai techniques with a partner. Your child will experience how to use the Boxing ring on the ropes, in the middle, and on the move. This is as close to real as some people may want to get but they’ll become accomplished with situational awareness in the  ring or outside.

Equipment Needed: Gloves, Handwrap, Towel

Youth Applied Boxing & Muay Thai

This class is all about putting the skills you have worked on into action. This class is for any of our members, regardless of skill level. What matters most is what type of outcome you are looking to accomplish. This class can be very demanding, as well as fast paced, on your skill and cardio. You will be training along members who are beginning, experienced or on the competition program.

This class consist of intense  technical sparring while  learning defensive and offensive techniques, tactics, strategy in hands on drills.

Equipment Needed: Training Gloves, Sparing Gloves, Handwrap, Head Gear, Boxing Cup, Mouthpiece

Competition Training

The time has come for you to walk amongst the elite Boxers

Equipment Needed: Training Gloves, Sparing Gloves, Handwrap, Head Gear, Boxing Cup, Mouthpiece

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