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When your are looking for a solution to help you learn self-defense, start a challenging new hobby or the desire to become a competitor…Brigada has a opportunity for you.

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Muay Thai Program

Our Muay Thai Training here in Temecula is helping men, women, and kids all across our community see incredible results. With the opportunity to customize every aspect of your Muay Thai, fitness, and nutrition journey. Don’t hesitate to get started

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Boxing Program

The  Boxing Training program is designed to help all level boxers get the most out of their Boxing journey than expected. This program combines proven boxing skills, strength training, and targeted conditioning to help men and women across Temecula and its surrounding areas Master the sport of Boxing.

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Brigada Training Systems

If you’re ready for the big 3 of fitness, nutrition, and accountability, but you either don’t know the exact steps to get started or you truly want to get guidance for a plan that will get you results. Brigada Training Systems will get you fantastic results on your own time. This program will place a heavy emphasis on developing the habits that will give you sustainable progress toward your goals.

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It’s time to take your Boxing or Muay Thai skill to the next level, this is the program for you. This program is structured in a 3-hour class aimed at specific improvements in technique, ring tactics, and strategy development. This program will get you ready to put your skills together and implement them in real time competition. We train all levels to compete.

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Private & Semi -Private

Our Private and Semi Private Training is provided to give members expedited and professional hands on training. When you’re looking for no nonsense guidance this is just what you need.  We also offer intimate 4-person sessions that give you individualized access to a dedicated professional.

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