Nutrition the Brigada Way

Use the power of nutrition and support with Brigada Training Systems to help you reach your goals

Whether you’re starting, modifying, or enhancing your training a key factor to your success is having the right Nutrition. We are not only talking about weight loss but rather gaining muscle, increasing athletic performance, health function, daily energy, and more.

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Nutrition Coaching is your edge

Nutrition has the greatest impact on overall health and your well-being. We have to make adjustments that shifts your eating habits, put yourself on a more definitive path for goal achievement, including sports performance, lifestyle, health, and body transformation goals. Our team has the experience  and helped many people utilize the power of nutrition to reach their full potential.

Our Nutrition Stategy will cover:

  • Pre & Post Workout Fueling
  • Sports Competition Nutrition Strategies
  • Daily and Weekly Meal Planning
  • Body Composition Assessments
  • Weight ( Muscle gain)
  • Weight ( Fat loss)
  • Grocery Shopping List/Recipe Ideas
  • Special Diets (Vegan, Vegetarian, Food Allergies, Intolerances, etc.)

We can eat to live and Live to Eat = Real Balance

Nutrition Strategy features

  • Nutriton Consultation with Coaching Specialist
  • Body fat Testing via Microfit/PNOE
  • Daily and Weekly Meal Planning
  • Body Composition Assessments
  • Specific Handouts for Education
  • Email Support (within 48 hours)

Fuel In Fuel Out

Nutrition Follow up

When you start a nutrition plan with Brigada you will have support, follow up, and modification to keep you moving forward on your goals. Nobody has time to hit constant barriers and that’s what our program is designed to eliminate.

Your program matters to us

What can you expect?

You are not alone on this journey. Your coach will be there every step of the way, checking in on your progress and guiding you at a pace that works for you. Following up is important but commitment to your goals while ingraining skills that leads you to your healthiest self is hands down critical. We’ll use some of the most effective technology to connect and track your progress, as well as using using state of the art assessment equipment. Whether you want more freedom and flexibility in your workout routines, want to work from home, or just need to get started, the Brigada Nutrition program will give you the guidance you need to fulfill your potential!

How do we keep you motivated?

Beware! Don’t let your workout routine become another chore on your list of things to do. Brigada Training Systems is bringing the energy and making sure your training keeps excitement in our dedicated system.

How our Nutrition Strategies help?

The Brigada Nutrition Program is our solution for the person who is looking for accountability and coaching along their training in boxing or Muay Thai. If you are getting started on a new program, this will do your training wonders and help you accelerate your goals. You’ll get to see and feel the change in no time.

Let our coaches guide you on that path of basics to the advanced and give you all of the tools to have success not only during the program, but for long after your initial time. On the nutritional side, you’ll not only learn how to fuel yourself, but how to be allow flexibility and still reach your goals. For your training, you’ll start by taking your activity to another level, and eventually start to challenge yourself to improve. Both of these strategies will allow you to make Boxing/Muay Thai, fitness and good nutrition a healthy and sustainable part of your life.

Nutrition and you

D.I.E.T ” Did I Eat That”. 

Don’t let nutrition drive you mad or into a constant state of frustration.  Remember, transformation takes time so be kind to yourself. have a targeted and well planned approach to your goals. Change the relationship you have with food. there can be a happy medium between eating for pleasure and fuel. Everyone’s path is different and your plan should align with what your life is about.

Ready to get that nutrition strategy created along with your training? Learn more about how you can be next.

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