Brigada Training Systems is a result-driven Muay Thai training program that provides practical skill and strategies that really work – whether you want to train for fitness, hobby, or competition this program is created with all levels in mind.

What Is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is the national Sport of Thailand and is deeply embedded in the culture. Muay Thai, as a combat sport, has seen rapid growth in popularity around the world. It has gained so much attraction that the International Olympic Committee has granted a provisional place in the Olympics.

What Will I Learn?

Muay Thai is a very practical and effective martial arts style. Muay Thai consist of using punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and stand up grappling called “clinching”.  You will use training tools such as heavy Bags (aka “punching bags), light bags (double end bags), Focus pads, drills, Sport specific Conditioning to help you move along in your training.

Who Is It For?

The hardest thing for many beginners to do is walk through the front door. These are just…False…and Not how you should approach this. What you should know is: Most people starting out in Muay Thai with no Martial experience at all. Some people join us with no previous sports background at all. Every person’s path in life are different and what draws people to us are on a person by person basis.

You can be a man, Woman, kid, tall, short, fat, skinny, fit, unfit, be experienced or not, we have a place for you. Brigada Elite was created with the beginner in mind. We do know that people want to be able to defend themselves, want to improve their fitness and health, want a new hobby or looking for a new challenge. If you feel like any or all of these resonate with you, this just might be the right fit.

Our program is designed for you to Progress at Your Own Pace and allows you to focus on improving your fitness level and skill training at the same time. Everyone’s goals are different and a reason why we do dedicate program design. We strive to provide you with the best results with our workouts. Every day you train expect to get results driven Muay Thai instruction from the best Muay Thai program the Temecula area has to offer.

Our Training Focus


muay thai F.I.T

A 60-minute interval-based Heavy Bag conditioning and skill class designed to challenge a beginner or someone with years of experience. If you are looking to learn Muay Thai while your cardio improves, strength increases, and have fun along the way, this just might be for you. In this class, you will use kicks, knees, punching, and elbows in a variety of combinations. Before you know it, you’ll be moving confident like a pro. This class is also a great solution in our weight management plan. The Muay Thai FIT class does NOT require a partner and allows you to work at your own pace.

Equipment Needed: Gloves, Handwrap, Towel

APPLIED muay thai

This class is specifically designed for members that have shown an interest in becoming highly competent in skill or wanting to compete. When you come to this class expect to work as you dedicate yourself to training. Our 120-minute Applied Muay Thai class consist of all aspects of a Muay Thai fighters training regimen. You will do bag training, focus mitts, Thai pads, drills, sparring, conditioning. You can call this” Muay Thai University” where you get in-depth strategy, technique, and tactics to get you on a path to success. This class is ideal for members that are determined to excel at the Art of Muay Thai or compete.

Equipment Needed: Training Gloves, Sparing Gloves, Handwrap, Head Gear, Boxing Cup, Mouthpiece



The time has come for you to walk amongst the elite Boxers

Equipment Needed: Training Gloves, Sparing Gloves, Handwrap, Head Gear, Boxing Cup, Mouthpiece

Class Schedule

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