Microfit Fitness testing: The ultimate framework for a successful gym journey.

Not only get the best Boxing and Muay Thai skillset around, but also discover our proven formula to get stronger and feel good.

Get Your overall fitness and wellness evaluation

Fitness Assessments are performed by professional staff of the Brigada Elite team.

Appointments for Fitness Assessments must be made at least 24 hours prior.

Hours available for Fitness Assessments are limited, so honoring appointments is important.

Appointments may last up to one hour.

Identify the areas that need improvement

Cardiovascular Fitness: One mile walk test. The participant’s resting heart rate is taken at the start and at the end of the assessment to evaluate cardio effectiveness.  This test will determine the participant’s level of oxygen consumption.

Muscular Strength and Endurance: Hand Grip and Abdominal Crunch Tests. The participant does as many crunches as comfortably possible. Both men and women must do crunches, and not full sit-ups.

Flexibility: Sit and Reach Test. Participant sits on the floor and stretches as comfortably as is possible.

Body Composition: Bio-electrical impedance or Infrared technology will be used to determine body fat.

Body Mass Index can be figured using the participant’s weight, height, and body frame size.

We’ll Get You Started

Develop your very own training program playbook

To help get you started on the right foot, all members joining under one of the Standard Membership plans will be provided with a complimentary Health Evaluation, Nutrition Evaluation, and Fitness Equipment Orientation. These benefits are often most useful when completed during the first month of your membership, but each member can determine when these assessments and orientation will be most productive as there is no expiration date on these benefits.

What can Brigada Body's fitness assessment do for me?

The purpose of the Health Evaluation is to assess the member’s current fitness status. We measure resting blood pressure and heart rate, as well as height, weight, circumference measurements, body fat, upper body strength, low back and hamstring flexibility, muscle endurance, aerobic fitness, and total cholesterol and blood sugar.  All of these tests are optional, so members can perform all or just a few. Testing is typically completed in about 45 minutes.

To obtain the best measurements, members should not consume alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine for 4 to 6 hours prior to testing. Additionally, members should not exercise prior to the Health Evaluation and should avoid the use of medicines containing pseudoephedrine or over-the-counter products that contain ephedrine (unless otherwise directed by your health care provider). Members should also dress in comfortable workout clothing and athletic shoes.

Keys to the body snapshot

Body composition

Let us measure your skinfold thickness for body fat analysis  up to 50 mm with accuracy to within 0.5% or 0.1 mm

Blood Pressure

FDA registered medical device measures resting blood pressure and heart rate

Health Evaluation

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Discover your physical Status


Discover where your cardio stands by  taking the test on our Robobike that focuses on your VO2 max. Get the data so you can start building your cardio power.


Measure bicep muscle strength to 250 pounds with our FDA approved strength tester. Discover your strength and how you can improve it


Our Flexometer with electronic sensing pads measure lower back and hamstring flexibility using a popular sit-and-reach protocol 

Create success with a right plan


The assessment gives you the baseline daa so you start or continue on your fitness journey with tagreted focus of needs to change your health  and fitness.


Measure physical parameters like body weight, body fat, lifestyle, exercise behavior, strength, collect health status information and cardiovascular fitness.



Our Fitness program health and wellness tracking is important to keep track of data that you can always refer to for checking progress. Don’t leave your training to guessing and lack of direction.

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Brigada offers free training for you to try

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