Do you like the idea of teaching?

Here at Brigada Elite, our program is not just for those looking for a hobby, fitness, self-defense or competition…you can make a career out of it or just follow your passion to teach.

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Turn your passion of training into a passion of coaching.

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The many paths to coaching

Becoming a coach or instructor takes time and experience. Teaching can be challenging and not made for everyone.  You may just be the right person for the job. We have put together structured program and give you the tools to succeed.

Apprentice Instructor

The apprentice instructor program is for those just experienced students starting out. This program is usually taken by current and former competitors, students that have trained for years, who are interested in the idea of helping others. Some of the skills you must have are learning the art of building repertoire, listening, and the modes of teaching. This is all covered in the course. Most of the course is in real time and hands on. You will be assisting fighters as a cornerman, coaching during class, participating in mock private lessons, and some fitness certification.

Must complete Brigada Boxing or Muay Thai curriculum, fitness certification ( ISSA, NASM, etc.), First-Aid & CPR, Cornerman assistance, and pad training.

Cornerman Training

The cornerman has a critical job to make sure aiding the fighter to succeed. Learn what it takes to be a team player in the corner for our competitors. being a cornerman can be fast paced and be prepared for the worst during a competition. You must learn cornering etiquette, from the weigh-ins all the way to returning back to the locker room after the fight. 

Most of the cornerman work will begin at the development level competition like  Point Muay Thai, Point Boxing,  USA Boxing, and Amateur Muay Thai

Your chance to become a Brigada Coach

Start your journey with learning to inspire and motivate others through instruction

Must meet all requirements in order to participate


The instructor program is a graduation of the assistant program and makes you ready to start running your own class. The curriculum at this stage will consists of enhancing your Boxing or Muay Thai  teaching knowledge and get more experience on the mat. This course is longer and for good reason so you are truly proficient at your ability. Besides, credibility matters when it comes to teaching others how to do something.  You must be dedicated in order to make it through this course. There is no timeline to complete but its best to stay consistent all the way through. 

Head Instructor

Becoming a head instructor is the paradigm of our training course. learning never stop s but you will at least be prepared to run your own program. If you have ever dreamed of partnering or joining your own gym this is where you want to be. No matter how prepared you feel learning on the job is inevitable. You will need to learn how to form and operate in all aspects of a business, and be able to understand you methods to teach. Regardless if every instructor gets taught from the same school of thought, the way the training is delivered will be different.

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Some of the coaching requirements to be fulfilled

The Light pads Coaching training course is designed to teach you the art of coaching in real time while conditioning a student or competitor. The coaches must be fit in order met demands of a fighter in peak shape. usually Light pads trainer works with more than one competitor in a training session.

At Brigada Elite, we require our instructors to have the basis of first aide since Boxing and Muay Thai are combat sports that can be injurious. 

Learning the process to prepare a fighter on competition day is critical. The coaching staff can make the fighter lose long before ever reaching the ring. You will assist the head trainer with competitors before, during, and after the fight. 

As a Coach, you will have shown proficient to take fighters to events to compete. You will work with Amateurs’ level fighters and assist at the professional level fights. 

You will need to get certified in a recognized fitness course to show you understand the basics of the body, nutrition, flexibility, and more.  You could get certified through organiations such as  ISSA, NASM, ACSM, ACE and some of these courses are specific to  Martial Arts. 

Learning how to create programs for your students is a challenge and having the right information to create a good plan is critical. The fight is said to be won in training, so learning how to create a successful program plan for your fighter is important. 

Get Inspired. Make a Difference.

Coaching is a tough but rewarding task. There’s a thin line between winning and losing in competition. No matter the outcome you have to be able to keep your fighters on a progressive path.

Discovering how our students are getting inspired

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Let's get you Learning so you can start teaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the time coaches, trainers, instructors are developed from spending years learning the combat style they train in. Boxing and Muay Thai are ring sports and usually coaching is directly associated with how much ring experience one has.  needing years of experience can be discouraging to a person at the entry level . But it is better that way because nobody wants to be led by a instructor that has never actually put themselves in a line of fire. People want a coach with experience and gives credibility.

Essentially anyone can open up a facility, call it a martial arts school, charge tuition, and teach whatever they like. Its business and if it doesn’t require a state governed license then its easy to get started. But the real concern is, should you do that?  It’s controversial, it’s an ethical issue, and a responsibility to train people correctly.

People should do the right thing and leave the training with the  skilled and experienced.

Some styles have organization  the govern your development but with Boxing or Muay Thai you certification comes from experience and also achievements in the sports like championships but its not required.

The only legal requirements will be those for liability or what is required to operate your business in the state, local, or federal level.

You do not need to be connected to any organization beside the academy you are learning from. There is sometimes an established lineage with your instructor. The beauty of having a lineage is that you will be under a proven system.

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