Good News! We're back! Brigada is teamed up With House of Pain Boxing in Temecula.

An All-In-One Boxing and Muay Thai training system designed for Self-Defense, Competition, and Lifestyle.

Start your training to gain new skills, become consistent, watch yourself grow with Brigada’s powerful and proven training.

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What you should know is

Most people start out in Boxing and Muay Thai with no Martial experience at all. Some people join us with no previous sports background at all. Every person’s path in life are different and what draws people to us are on a person by person basis.
You can be a man, Woman, kid, be tall, short, fat, skinny, fit, unfit, be experienced or not, we have a place for you. Brigada Elite was created with the beginner in mind.
We do know people want to be able to defend themselves, improve their fitness and health, want a new hobby or just loves a new challenge.
If you feel like any or all of these resonate with you, this just might be the right fit.

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With Brigada, you get a place where you can focus on your goals, have fun , and make it a lifestyle.

Our Open Door Policy

What is Brigada Elite?

When you look up the definition for Brigada, it will make you rethink, and quickly have you realize how significant it is.

The name “Brigada Elite” has made many ask ,”why that name for a gym?”   

We are like a small battalion ready to battle the war with self both physically and mentally. Our fight is not only in the ring but about becoming a better person everyday. Each person walks in with their own battle which is their desire to find an constant evolving version of themselves.

Our Open Door Policy

Our Open Door Policy

Our Open Door Policy

Our Open Door Policy

576 Hours

available yearly to achieve your success.

Brigada members training to success:

Our sessions are arranged in 3 hour training blocks.  Attending the full training block is optional but recommended for optimal results.

Get 14 Days Free. No Cost. No Risk Offer.


Every single day is different, so expect every workout to be. Brigada Elite’s Boxing and Muay Thai programs are designed with the beginner in mind. Whether you are looking for a new activity to get or stay fit, learn real-time self-defense skill or have a desire to compete, our program will provide you with results-based strategies. Brigada elite is the right place with the right training and now is the right time.


Brigada Elite is more than just a Boxing and Muay Thai gym. Our mission is to impact the lives of the men, women, and children that choose to let us help them. We realized that every person we encounter is different but all share a common factor, barriers – And those barriers will keep you from taking that next step forward. There is no short cut or magic formula to move beyond them. That’s why we work closely with our members to help them find solutions. We strive to assist you with staying on course while taking the guesswork out of what you must do to succeed. The real impact is when you become a walking example to inspire yourself, your family, and friends.


Lifestyle, is knowing your core purpose, how you choose to live, awareness of limitations, learning how to work through moments of struggle, staying motivated while finding ways to overcome. It is nutrition, fitness, fun, embracing challenges, mental, goals, passion, necessity, commitment, health, and ultimately the lens you see out of. We want to be a part of your experience and work with you for the long haul.

Make Best Of The Training Tools Provided



Most effective tool for punching tactical development, accuracy, timing, and speed.



Most effective for building power, endurance, and technique



Most effective tool for Muay Thai tactical development,accuracy, timing, speed.



Best for learning how techniques work, discovering pros and cons of each one



Most effective for timing, rythm, endurance, tactic and technique building



Best for building strategies, tactic testing skillset, and body conditioning

How will martial arts benefit my child?

Get 14 Days Free. No Cost. No Risk Offer.

New to this? Need a refresher? Want to refine your skills?

Check out or movements page. Where you’ll quickly discover a series of  How To technique videos that will help you along your training journey.

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This Is Our Very Own Boxing and Muay Thai Online Training

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Are you still on the fence?

When looking for a gym, the hardest thing to do is knowing if you’ve made the right decision. When it comes to finding Boxing or Muay Thai gym, many factors need to be considered. The last thing you want to do is throw money down the drain because you joined a training opportunity that dies not put you on a path to your desired outcome. And we don’t blame you for being a beginner.
How do you know what the training is supposed to look like when you’re new?
People have many questions when looking for a Boxing or Muay Thai gym, and I have put together a small yet powerful book to aid you in your gym search. This book will answer some of the most critical questions you need to be aware of before you get out there committing to a gym. Gym hopping is something you do not want embrace as a habit.  No two gyms are alike.
Get this low cost book filled with actionable steps to avoid burning unnecessary holes in your pockets (your money) and focus on burning those calories while turning yourself into a Boxing or Muay Thai Machine.

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