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Specialized Fitness

These training programs may be designed with a unique and specific challenge but all share one common outcome- to get you results. Sometimes you may desire to add a layer of some extra intensity or focused training to your program. Our programs are short term but set up for targeted training that last 6,8- or 12-week segments. Our workout duration can go anywhere from 45 up to 90 minutes per session and will center around using weightlifting, strength building, Plyo-metric and mobility, while pushing your cardio system during conditioning. These programs come in a variety of interest:

  • Fit Fusion I & II
  • Power of Movement
  • “AAA” Ass-Abs-Arms
  • BurnIt for Men
  • BurnIt for Women
  • Medball Blitz I & II
  • Power of 90

Equipment Needed: Training Gloves, Towel, Water, 

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