Competition Training

How Does This Work?

Competition is one of the purest ways to discover exactly where you stand in progression over the time you’ve been training. We get inquiries from people often seeking interest in “fighting” but the sad truth is most of the individuals that seeks to fight never make it or stick around.
Fighting takes more than just wanting to be a fighter. It is sacrifice that will make you face adversity from friends, family, relationships, and work. If you still find competitnig of interest to you congratulations on truly knowing what you want. Here are the minimal requirements to compete:
  • Minimum of 6-12 months of Training
    Inconsistent training means you don’t really want to compete
  • Make no excuses
    These are the habits that make people fail
  • Being Coachable
    If you can’t follow the roadmap this won’t work
  • Be ready to train really hard
    Competition is dangerous and easily get yourself harmed
  • Training Equipment
    Be prepared to invest in all the suggested and required training and competition gear

I Want To get Started Training So I Can
Compete in Boxing and/or Muay Thai

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