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There is a legal maxim that warns a buyer to beware. Well, that same warning unfortunately is lurking in the shadows when your trying to better yourself. Living a sedentary lifestyle can do more harm than good. Restlessness, lack of will to do things outside of your 4 corner box aka home, exercise is irrelevant, and you become a human repository for your food. Eventually, there are people that get tired of feeling and living a certain way and start to make changes. Change can be a scary, challenging but also liberating at the same time. people don’t like to do different which leads to going back to what they are comfortable with. But, when a person seeking a new path discovers that before them sits a plethora of potential obstacles to deter them from moving forward. Everything has a risk and looking to change ones life isnt absent of being a target.

So, we are have set out to identify the 10 most critical caveats someone trying to change their lifestyle must acknowledged.

1 – Guaranteed failure of nutrition program

2 – Starting a workout program hurts

3 – Your friends and family will unintentionally insult you on this journey

4 – You will want to quit most of the time

5 – Picking the wrong trainer and program

To be coontinued

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